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Creative Tea

Performed by

Keiko Takeya

Hideyuki Otuki

Directed by

Macoto Satoh

Choreography:  Keiko Takeya

Set design:  Macoto Sato

Lighting design:Takanori Nakata

Sound design:  Takeshi Shima

Assistant Director:  Tomoco Kawaguchi

Stage Manager:  Akitomo Suzuki

Production Manager: Megumi Ikeda


Macoto Satoh - director & set designer

He is a playwright and a director and one of the leaders of the Japanese small theatre movement. Since 1970 for 20 years he went on tour to more than 120 cities in Japan with his own theatre company the Black Tent Theatre.

His work is acclaimed nationally and internationally; his plays are written in a unique and imaginary style, and he has directed various productions such as theatre, opera, dance, Noh theatre, Japanese traditional dance and puppettheatre.

He is currently an Artistic Director of Za-Koenji Public Theatre. Also he has opened new art space Wakabacho WHARF

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